best fish finders for kayaks

Are you looking for a small, portable and lightweight fishfinder to help you while fishing from a kayak or a small boat? Not all chartplotter/fishfinders will have the same features, displays or sizes. The truth is that finding the right fish finder will help increase the number of fish you hook, and spend less time casting. […]

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best time of day to fish for bass

Best Time To Fish For Bass Fishing for bass is all kinds of fun. It’s one of the best leisure sports out there, and catching bass, in particular, is pretty straightforward. It’s one of those activities that you can do relaxed, enjoying the beauty of nature while passing the time. The trick to catching bass, […]

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best ice fishing boots

The Top 5 Fishing Boots For Snow Fishing outdoors in the winter time is a great sport for many. But with all that wet snow, freezing lakes and rivers, you need winter fishing boots that are not only quality but also designed specifically for the cold weather ahead. That way you can be able to […]

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fiberglass boat

The sun is shining, the weather is warm, and the weekend forecast promises to be more of the same. You know exactly how you intend to spend it: watching the sun wake up over the water, while you lure in some fish in your fiberglass boat. Before the weekend arrives, you check your boat over to […]

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