Best Time To Fish For Bass

Fishing for bass is all kinds of fun. It’s one of the best leisure sports out there, and catching bass, in particular, is pretty straightforward. It’s one of those activities that you can do relaxed, enjoying the beauty of nature while passing the time.

The trick to catching bass, like with other types of fish out there, is simply knowing when the best time to catch the fish is. Of course, that is easier said than done, because the answer depends on the season and the bass’ life stage, and everyone has a different answer for what that optimal time is. Here’s ours, based on experience and expert opinions.


Summer Bass Fishing

bass fishingYou see, bass don’t like it much when the water gets too hot. They will retreat to the cool depths where the sun’s heat can’t reach them.

You want to try and catch them while they are in the mood to feed, which typically happens between sunrise and noon. Cast out your bait and catch them before it gets too hot.

Keep in mind that extreme heat waves will make it harder for you to catch bass, so if you get caught up in one of those days in summer where the heat is unbearable for people, it’d be best to avoid fishing that day as you might not catch many basses.

If you decide to go anyways, at least wear sunscreen and bring plenty of drinking water.





Fishing for Bass in Autumn

how to fish for bassIn the early autumn, when daylight hours start to shrink and the water temperature turns from “nice and cool” to “really freakin’ cold”, the bass tend to start to binge-feed, making them a bit easier to catch if you know where to find them. As they aggressively try to eat everything they can, an experienced fisher can catch quite a few bass if they following their feeding habits and fish around mid-day.

Remember, the basses are preparing for winter, so as the temperatures get colder, the amount of energy they are willing to expend and the distance they are willing to go will get smaller.

Autumn is a good time of year to get a trophy bigmouth bass.




Winter Bass Fishing

winter bass fishingDuring mid-day/early afternoon is just about the only time you’ll catch bass when it’s winter. It’s very cold in the water, and their metabolisms have slowed tremendously to allow them to thrive even while the available food sources become scarce.

They still need to feed, so your best bet to get some winter bass fishing done while the basses are active, using your lure to mimic larger bait species.





Spring Fishing for Bass

fishing for bass in springBass actually go through three different stages of life during the spring season, and each stage presents different challenges.

Pre-Spawn: This is a great time to catch bass at almost any hour of the day. As long as there’s daylight out you can catch some nice big ones, as they are feeding heavily in order to prepare for the spawning. They stay close to the shallows during this stage.

A lot of people have said that they have caught their biggest bass between noon and 2 pm, and it is possible to get them at mid-day if you know where to look for them. So if you miss their breakfast, you can always catch them when they’re concentrated around cover. They’ll likely be in deep waters at that time, as opposed to the morning and afternoons when they venture into the shallows to eat.

Spawn: During the spawning, bass may be a little difficult to catch as they aren’t eating during this period – but they are defensive and will attack anything that they deem to be a threat. Their defensiveness means that you don’t need to get up before the sun to catch them, but it is still the best time.

Post-Spawn: The bass will still be very defensive during this stage, but they’ll also be returning to their usual feeding habits. After the spawn, it’s best to stick to fishing in the early mornings.




All in all, as we said before, fishing for bass isn’t extremely complicated by any means, and you can see a lot of success during all the hours of daylight. If you aren’t taking it too seriously, and you’re just fishing for fun or to enjoy the outdoors, then just fish at your leisure. Pick a time that works for you, and you’ll still catch something. The best time of day to fish for bass can be entirely up to you.

If you are a little more serious about catching bass, then you’re going to have to be a morning riser. While the spring season has allowed people to get trophy-worthy bass during mid-day, you will universally have a much better chance of success if you get to the water about an hour before sunrise and fish through to about 1 p.m.

Pay attention to the weather, the water temperature, and the lunar cycle, as all of these factors can have a huge impact on the behavior of the bass. And remember, they will behave differently in the fall and winter and pre-spawn season than they do in summer, spawning season or post-spawn season.

Generally speaking, extreme weather will make it harder to find bass. But on the other hand, windy days tend to be good for bass fishing. Location matters too, as temperatures can vary wildly depending on where you live and fish.

Keeping all of that in mind, plan yourself some early morning fishing kayak trips or on boat when you can. Get out there, have fun, and stay safe.

Happy fishing folks!