The baitcast reel is a common choice for people who love to fish for recreation and for sport. It’s popular and it’s a great tool for any fisher to have in their arsenal, whether you’re a pro or a beginner.

A baitcaster is, simply put, a reel that sits on top of a casting rod with a trigger handle, and features a revolving spool. You can either get the low-profile design which is ergonomic, easy on the wrists, and good for palming the reel, or you could get the round design, which holds heavier lines and can handle larger baits.

Typically speaking, a round design is better suited for longer runs; the heavier line is good for salmon, pike and similar fish.


What To Look For In A Baitcasting Reel

best baitcasting reel under 100Baitcast reels always come with a braking system – and you want to make sure that you get a quality one. Without the braking system that adjusts the slow-down of the rotation during your cast, you suffer from a huge tangled mess if your spool keeps spinning after your lure has stopped.

You want to pay attention to the frame, to make sure you’re getting quality materials, and you want to have good quality ball bearings.

You should also pay attention to the gear ratio to make sure you get the gear ratio that suits your needs best. 5.4:1, 6.4:1, and 7.1:1 are the three you’ll see most often. Sometimes it’s better to have a slow gear ratio, other times you’ll want a fast one, so choose wisely.

Last but not least, you want to get something economical – you could end up paying hundreds for fishing gear if you aren’t careful. These things can get a little bit pricey, but they don’t have to break your bank. We’ve picked out the 5 best baitcasting reels under $100



The Top 5  – Best Baitcasting Reel Under 100


#1 – Abu Garcia BMAX3 Low-Profile

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Abu Garcia BMAX3 Low-Profile * Durable graphite frame
* MagTrax system brakes
* Left & right handed
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The lightweight Abu Garcia baitcaster is fantastic. It looks great, and the graphite frame is durable and reliable, so you can be sure that this reel will last a long time.

This baitcast reel is designed to be as efficient as possible. It has a comfortable, compact grip so you can control it easily and comfortably for hours on end. The 4 ball bearings and the roller bearing ensure that your retrieve is simple and easy.

The brakes on this reel are a MagTrax system, which is popular for its reliability and accommodation for all kinds of lures. It keeps you in full control at all times.

This is a right-handed reel, but there are left-handed variants for all the southpaws out there. That kind of customization is one of the reasons these baitcasters are so great, especially for the low price under 100.



#2 – Daiwa Fuego CT Baitcast Fishing Reels

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Daiwa Fuego CT * 90mm lightweight power handle
* Carbon Drag UTD - 13.2 lbs
* Infinite Anti-Reverse feature
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This reel is perfect for the competitive-spirited fishers out there. The Tournament Carbon Drag UTD has 13.2 pounds of drag. For the novices out there, this simply means that if a fish wants to fight you and run with your line, they’re going to have to pull real hard.

Drag is the friction plates within the reel, so essentially, if the fish overcomes the reel’s drag, it will spin backwards and the fish will swim to freedom – this is actually a good thing as it prevents your line from snapping, but you want your reel to be able to keep your prized catch within your grasp.

This competition reel features an aluminium frame with a nice 90mm lightweight swept power handle, 5 ball bearings, and a roller bearing to help you maintain consistent control while fishing.



#3 – Big Fish Overlord Baitcast Reel

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big fish overlord baitcasting reel * Low-profile design
* Carbon fiber braking system
* Added torque for heavy loads
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If you are going after the bigger fish and need a reel that can take on heavier loads, this baitcaster is phenomenal. It’s got a sleek, fantastic design that works as good as it looks. It’s got a gear ratio of 5.4:1 and has extra torque, so you can reel in the catch of the day with hardly any struggle at all – and if that fish is a little feisty, the bent carbon handle won’t get uncomfortable for you.

The reel features a magnificent adjustable magnetic linear braking drag system that is designed to give you a variety of options for baits and 18 pounds of drag, and that combined with its 8 stainless steel ball bearings gives you incomparable levels of control.

This low-profile reel has a right and left-hand version to accommodate you.



#4 – KastKing Speed Demon Fishing Reels

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KastKing Speed Demon * Faster & smoother casts
* Magnetic braking system
* Cross drilled aluminum spool
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KastKing declares this is the world’s fastest baitcaster, naming it the Speed Demon. With a name like that, they have quite a big reputation to live up to. The gear ratio is a crazy 9.3:1, with 12 MaxiDur shielded ball bearings, so it’s made to go fast. Not only is it a speed machine though, it’s easy to handle.

The tournament-quality magnetic braking system combined with the cross-drilled aluminium spool gives you incredible precision and no backlashing. It’s easy to adjust and the 3-disc drag system has 13.2 pounds of drag power.

This cool looking reel is the ideal one for when you need to be quick.



#5 – Piscifun Baitcasting Reel

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Piscifun torrent reels * Climate resistant brass gears
* Side-plate oil port for maintenance
* Strong double wind shafts
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Not to be outdone, this Piscifun baitcaster may not match KastKing’s pride and joy in speed, but it does surpass it in many other ways – like sheer physical power. This baitcaster is packing 18 pounds of drag, to help you land the heavier fish out there.

The quality is impeccable, and the design is durable and easy to maintain. It has a side-plate oil port, so if you take care of this reel it will last forever.

As a 7.1:1 line, it’s pretty fast as well, and the baitcaster is built to bring home the trophy fish.



You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a baitcaster – these 5 are better than most reels that will cost you up to $200. Don’t spend a crazy amount of money when you can get reels like these for a lot less. Hope this comparison guide has been of great help to you. Have any thoughts on a similar product that could be the best baitcasting reel under 100? Let us know!