Are you a boater or fisherman looking for that trolling motor that fits not only on your boat but your fishing style as well? Well, you are in luck. The Haswing Cayman trolling motor will work perfectly for you in a vast number of ways. I stumbled upon this trolling motor while shopping for one myself. At first, I was attracted by its price. The features we found were excellent given its affordable price range in the current market. Here are some of the findings I gathered. View our Haswing Cayman trolling motor review below:


haswing cayman review * Low noise level
* Hand remote & foot pedal
* Powerful 55 lbs of thrust
* Two year warranty
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Haswing Cayman Thrust and Voltage

The thrust power of a trolling motor is important as that will determine the boat weight it can most efficiently work with. Given a thrust power of up to 55 pounds, the Haswing Cayman trolling motor is capable of perfectly propelling all sorts of small to mid-sized boats. All those fishing expeditions and boat rides will be a lot more fun and smoother when using this motor.

The Cayman comes with a 12-volt motor that is engineered for both saltwater and freshwater. This much voltage will ensure enough power for hours you will be on the water including those long days. One deep cycle battery will ensure you a full day of boating given the 55 pounds of thrust and 10-speed settings.



Haswing Shaft length

Shaft length determines the water depth that you can safely traverse and the height of your boat too. The mounting system is also of importance as it determines how deep into the water your propeller will be. Therefore the total length of the trolling motor is your shaft length. The haswing cayman trolling motor will give you best control of all small to mid-sized boats of up to 17 feet. The shaft has a length of 48”.

The bow mount system of the Cayman ensures that most of the motor length is in the water. This will give you the chance to operate in most deep waters.


Features and specifications

• Comes with a bow cradle mount and an easy to deploy pedal

• Wireless power control with a 150 plus foot range

• Maximum thrust of 55 pounds

• 360 degrees servo powered steering with wireless remote control

• 10-speed settings

• 48-inch shaft length

• Extruded aluminum shaft material

• Three bladed power prop

• Features a low noise level of 35 decibels (whisper)

• Maximum current draw of 45 amps

• Battery perf. on low speed is 5x longer run time, mid speeds 2.5x longer run time, & high speeds use max draw

• Five level battery status indicator

These features simply give you an imagined view of what the Cayman can do. Once you get an actual in action experience the haswing cayman trolling motor, you will definitely get the real feel of its power.


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Ease Of Use


Customer Reviews

All verified customer purchases give this Cayman a five-star rating. A customer was greatly impressed with its features and price range. He notably said: “I have to say I’m impressed. I have looked for a while for a trolling motor for my 24′ pontoon… it has performed extremely well. It can pull my toon easily, even in the wind.”

Other clients are quite satisfied with its capability to handle long hours and show no sign of defects. They also highlight the Cayman deployment and retraction features: “the motor deploys very well and retracts easily…”

However, one customer did have an issue with the remote sighting that it tends to lose contact with the motor on occasion. He, however, goes on to say this problem is easily fixed by pressing the reset button and compliments its ability to push against the current.



The Haswing Cayman is one of the best remote controlled trolling motors available. There are few trolling motors in the market that can match the thrust, voltage, shaft, speed settings, and be within a good price range at the same time.

The majority of the buyers are extremely pleased with the way that the Haswing Cayman is made and how it handles in the waters. We hope that this haswing cayman trolling motor review has been of help to your future buying decision. Have any questions or opinions? Feel free to let us know!