The Lowrance Spotlight Scan is a new level of technology that provides picture-like imaging of your favorite fishing areas in your chartplotter/fishfinder display. It allows you to concentrate and focus on a spot where there are many fish. This will help you save time, make much more effective casts by knowing the exact location of where the fish are. It also uses the broadband sounder technology that will allow you to have a clear view under the boat or whatever you might be using to fish. Check out our full Lowrance Spotlight Scan review below:


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Lowrance Spotlight Scan * Broadband sounder tech.
* Surround scan imaging
* HDS Gen display
* DIY installation
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Compatible and Easy to Use

With the presence of HDS gen2 touch and HDS GEN2* display, you have complete control of the Lowrance Spotlight scan. Direction and scanning speed can easily be adjusted using the foot pedal so you don’t have to make additional menu adjustments on the HDS Gen2 display. If you are worried on how difficult it will be to properly install the equipment, then don’t worry. You can easily install it by yourself, by connecting the Spotlight scan NMEA 2000 sensor to the trolling motor foot control and you are good to go.



Reliable and Efficient

Using the Lowrance Spotlight scan enables you to see everything that is in front and around your boat. The unique ability to see what is ahead and around your boat makes it easy to identify the key fishing spots and structures. This will ultimately help you fish more and cast less. The Lowrance Spotlight Scan works hand in hand with the existing network known as NMEA 2000 to ease your operations.



Features and Specifications

● It features an angler-controlled surround-scan views to provide images of major key fishing areas on your HDS Gen2*, HD Gen2 Touch or Gen3 display.

● It helps to quickly identify key fishing areas before you take any step to start fishing.

● Compared to other similar brands, the Lowrance spotlight can be accessed at a low and reasonable price.

● DIY installation; no previous experience is required.

● The SpotlightScan gives you full and complete control. You can use the remote foot pedal to control the SpotlightScan sonar direction and speed without having to make any necessary adjustment from the menu on the display.

● Can be easily fastened to a bow-mounted trolling motor (cable-steer or foot-control trolling motors only)


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Ease Of Use



What customers are saying

Previous customers learning to use the Lowrance spotlight shared that it is a great product and extremely versatile. Customers also highlighted the easy installation which a user can easily install without the need of an expert. Another complement they made about the Lowrance Spotlight is that it saves time; hence it is efficient and reliable because it helps the user spot the main fishing spots. Others like it because it has the ability to view objects in the dark, and can be used it in great depths to a maximum of 150 feet.




In a nutshell, the Lowrance spotlight scan delivers a new level of angler-controlled, surround-scan views to provide images of the main fishing spots on the HDS Gen2*, HDS Gen2 Touch or HDS Gen3 fishfinders. It also reveals objects in the dark and pinpoints structure/fish targets ahead and around the boat, canoe, kayak, or any other thing that you might be using to fish.

Anglers in the long run save more time in the water, focus on the productive fishing spots in the area. It also helps you make an effective fishing approach without disturbing the area. We hope that this Lowrance Spotlight Scan review has been of help to your future buying decision. Have any questions or opinions related to Lowrance fish finders? Feel free to let us know!


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