Newport Vessels Trolling Motors are modest in size but are powerful in working. These electric motors are available in the range between 36 to 55 pounds of thrust. They are lightweight, simple to use, and reasonably priced. These are machines that do not make unnecessary noise and operate silently. They’re durable motors and are must-have for the small boat or kayak.

Serveral of the Newport Vessels models have different unique characteristics, they’re a fantastic match for inflatable boats, dinghies, kayaks, fishing boats, and other small craft. All models can be easily utilized in both saltwater & freshwater. Here’s our Newport Vessels trolling motor review for both 55lb and 36lb model versions:


The Top 2 Versions & Their Features




#1. Newport Vessels 55lb. Thrust Trolling Motor

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Newport has earned a very good reputation by providing quality products. It goes head to head with other competitors such as Minn Kota. The Newport Vessels 55-pound thrust version comes with 8 variations in rate. Additionally, it has a fantastic quantity of features for the accessible pricing it offers.

This electric trolling motor is superbly built with lots of emphasizing on the build quality. The complete body consists of lightweight aluminum, and black finished to make it extra strong. The 30-inch shaft is excellent for smaller boats and kayaks as well. Telescoping 6 inch handle is quite convenient to hold, so it helps with maneuvering on harsh water, and it is simple to rely upon the energy. While working, it operates very silently and does not vibrate. Once you are done installing and locking all of the components, there’s absolutely no room for vibrations to take place. Even if the throttle is complete, the body stays rigid and does not move a bit because of motor revolutions.



The 55lb thrust Newport Vessels trolling motor offers plenty of power for its motor. When you install it on your boat, you can feel the energy of it through each speed variation. If you push the throttle to the maximum rate, you can see your boat traveling with a great deal of power. Even with six full-size individuals on the boat, it can move at very good speeds. Tested on harsh waters, this engine was capable of making the ship go in the desired direction, nullifying the effect of rapid currents of water. The coolest feature by far is the battery LED indicator, which is very useful in showing how much battery life is left, and how long it can last you. 



Like most motors it has an almost indestructible motorhead, ensuring that this motor will be with you for quite a long time. The propeller is nicely designed, providing maximum output. The entire engine is designed to operate through heavy-duty usage. You may also work in areas with salt water, thanks to the aluminum, stainless steel and zinc parts within the body, it’s resistant to the effects of saltwater. Newport also provides you with a reliable guarantee, so you can enjoy your trolling motor free of concern. 

Black Finished Solid Body No significant drawbacks reported yet
5 Forward And 3 Reverse Speeds
Reputable Brand
Well Built Shaft And Motor Head
Battery Indicator
Telescoping Handle


The brand itself is known for manufacturing excellent motors, and its safe to say that this model fits into this category. It’s durable, strong, and works well even in choppier weather. The beneficial factors that this engine has are its 55 pounds of thrust. It is easy to judge the ability by that, and use it to get heavy work done easily.




#2. Newport Vessels 36lb. Thrust Trolling Motor

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This saltwater trolling motor is perfect for the moderate need of thrust but extremely durable because of the durable material used. Newport’s 36lb. version won’t get you disappointed in regards to performance.

The body is obviously a plus point when you buy a Newport trolling motor. The entire body is made of lightweight aluminum, black finished making it durable enough for heavy-duty. Equipped with a 30-inch shaft, this engine is excellent for fishing kayaks. Its telescoping 6-inch handle is quite convenient to hold, so it helps in rough tides and it is easy to rely on power. It has a rather silent functioning and does not vibrate. Once you complete the installation and locking all components, there’s little to no room for vibrations to take place. At full speed, the engine remains firm and rigid.



36 pounds of thrust is a decent amount of power for a small trolling motor. When you install it on your boat or kayak, you can feel the energy of it through each speed variation. Even with a full deck and gear, it can move at a very good speed. Practically on harsh waters, this trolling motor is a fantastic performer but could have been improved with more thrust. But you can also purchase higher thrust motors if you are looking for a better performance. Battery LED indicator assists in determining how much of the battery is left, and it is easy to plan your travels ahead.



The motorhead and propeller hold really well thanks to its durable material, ensuring that this motor will be with you for quite a long time. The propeller is also nicely designed, providing maximum output. The entire engine is designed to operate in heavy-duty situations. You can easily use this motor in saltwater, thanks to the aluminum, stainless steel and zinc parts within the body that are resistant to the effects of salt. This is a brand that offers a good warranty on its product, so you can use your motor without concerns.

5 forward and 3 reverse speeds Low thrust power
Battery indicator
Telescoping handle
Very durable


This engine is a durable companion you can easily rely on. The performance, although low on thrust, can be quite sufficient as an entry motor, or for smaller and less heavy boats. Newport has made some excellent motors, and their 36 pound version is no exception. Our favorite feature is the LED indicator, which is of great support to people who might forget to charge the battery.



Frequently Asked Questions


Does A Newport Trolling Motor Need A Circuit Breaker?

In any trolling motor, circuit breakers are a good security feature to protect both the user and engine. When an increase in electrical current is high, it can damage critical electrical components on the engine. So it is highly recommended that you use a circuit breaker along with your trolling motor.


What Are The Amps Of This Motor At High Speeds?

The 36lb NV Series motor brings around 29 amps at high speed. At the highest speeds, the motor will use aproximately 348 watts and the battery will output 29 amps.


Can I Use This Trolling Motor In Saltwater?

Yes! All motors are rated for both saltwater and freshwater. It is recommended rinsing your trolling motor with fresh water after its use in saltwater fishing. This can help extend the engine’s lifespan


Does It Require 2 Deep Cycle Batteries Or Can It Run On One?

Both 36 and 55 pound motor versions can run on a single 12 volt deep cycle battery. These batteries are sold separately which you can easily purchase here.


How Long Can It Last?

This depends on 2 things: The size (amp hours) of the battery, and the load in amps that you put on it. In this newport vessels trolling motor review, we recommend you use a 50-100ah (amp-hour) deep cycle 12-volt battery. Manufacturer instructions say to not go below 3 bars on the battery indicator on the engine for best performance.