The Raymarine Wi-fish is a very effective tool to find the fish you are looking for. If you are anything like me, you will love how easy it is to use when you are out on the water, no matter how murky or clear it may be.


The old gps fish finder that I owned was starting to become unclear and faulty, so I thought that it was time to find a new and dependable fish finder that was also going to provide me with a clear view.


After researching a lot of marine fish finders, the Raymarine Wi-fish is the one that stuck out to me. It’s a great device with a very easy to use interface that you can set up within minutes. View our Raymarine Wifish review below:


Award-Winning GPS Sonar Technology

Every fish finder needs to be clear and accurate in order to find fish. This camera allows you to see images as if you had just taken a photo. Raymarine’s sonar technology also allows you to capture images in deep water with a very clear resolution.


These qualities allow you to see fish in real time, and with a high-quality image. It’s hard to fish without being able to see where they gather, so why not give yourself the best help that you can find?



Ability to pause and zoom

The Raymarine Wi-fish not only has clear images; it also allows you to pause whenever you see something that interests you. If you aren’t sure what just passed by, no worries, the Wi-Fish also allows you to rewind back and zoom-in on your images.


Not only does the Wi-Fish have these amazing qualities, it’s also easily accessible with your phone. All you have to do is download the free Wi-Fish mobile app, and viola! You can access all of the capabilities through your cell phone.



Features and Specifications

Wi-fish has award winning sonar technology with the use of CHIRP. Allowing you to see images clearly, and in high resolution.

• Includes a temperature sensor

• Ability to pause and rewind when needed, along with the ability to zoom in on images.

• Easy accessibility with your phone through a free Wi-Fish app.



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Customer Reviews and Scores

The Raymarine Wi-fish is easily accessible with your cell phone. It allows you to see, pause, zoom, rewind, and make any adjustments that you need, right from your phone.
Overall, I found 8 different reviews on Amazon while I was writing this. The Raymarine Wi-Fish has been given a good rating of 4 out of 5 stars.


The majority of the reviews on Amazon were outstanding, however there were a few concerns addressed. One customer said “It struggles to connect to your ipad on wifi. Well it connects to wifi immediately but takes forever to start sending data to your device”


However, most people are saying how easy it is to use, “This thing is awesome! It integrates with the Navionics app on my iPad” and finally “works flawlessly”.


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In conclusion to our Raymarine Wifish review, it provides overall great quality, and exceptional accessibility with your phone at a low price. It’s made to provide ease of use and functionality. The majority of the buyers are extremely pleased with the way that Wi-Fish is made and how it handles in the waters. We hope that this Raymarine Wifish review has been of help to your future buying decision. Have any questions or opinions? Feel free to let us know!