Trail cameras can be a really useful tool for taking images remotely while being outdoors. But oftentimes it can be complicated retrieving images and having them in real time. Fortunately, new wireless communication advancements now offer trail cameras that send pictures to your phone without delay. These are made to simplify your life whether you are a hunter, a hiker, or property owner.


So How Do Cellular Trail Cameras Work?

cellular trail camera

Cellular trail cameras have the same functions as a regular camera. The only difference is that they operate and communicate through a cellular network (AT&T, Verizon, etc.)

Also worth noting, you do not necessarily need to be on the same cellular network for your cellphone and trail camera; they can be different.

These cellular trail cameras will come with a chargeable plans from different network providers like Verizon and AT&T.

All pictures taken by the trail camera will be received through an app on your phone or email.




Best Cellular Trail Cameras

One of the obvious major benefits is the ability to access all pictures right from your phone, no matter where you are. You do not need to be at a close distance to the camera for it to work. As soon as it takes a picture, you are notified and sent the image to your phone in real time.


Other Benefits Include:

  • A quiet operation. No loud snapshot noises that might scare wildlife away.
  • No more constant visits to the trail camera to retrieve media
  • Weatherproof and durable material for harsh climates & surroundings
  • Motion sensors and night vision will capture all movement during the day or night


Below I have complied a list of the top 5 cellular trail cameras that send pictures to your phone. These are in my opinion, the best choices currently out there in the market. I took into account each of the product features, quality, ease of use, and past customer experiences. Let’s start with the first one:




#1 – Spartan HD GOCam – AT&T Version

Image Features Rating Pricing
Network(s): AT&T & Verizon
Footage: Images & Video
Quality: 720p - 8mp
Batteries Needed: 12 AA
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The Spartan HD GOCam was built, based on the feedback of experienced trail camera users. This is a product that boasts a design focused on usability, durability and an outstanding performance. With an impressive trigger speed in under a second, images come out looking crisp and clear. Image resolution can be adjusted to a max quality of 8 megapixels, while the video resolution (yes, you can record video as well) is at 720p HD quality.

One cool feature from the Spartan GoCam is the ability to set 1 or 2 duty periods with different settings, if you don’t want your camera to take pictures all the time. This particular model uses an AT&T mobile broadband plan which is Pay As You Go; there’s no long term contract. If you prefer to use a carrier other than AT&T, you can check out other options here


HD images right to your phone in less than a minute Settings can be a bit confusing at first
720p HD video transmission with night mode Camera is set to 12hr time format & cannot be changed
Long battery life – can last several months Camera antenna can be flimsy
Excellent picture quality Does not come with SD card – but can be bought separately here
Helpful customer service department
Includes a 2 year warranty


Spartan GOCam Camera Footage

Spartan GOCam Camera Footage




#2 – Bigfoot Trail Camera

Image Features Rating Pricing
Network(s): AT&T
Footage: Images only
Quality: 5, 8 and 12mp
Batteries Needed: 12 AA
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Bigfoot is convinced they have done their homework with this newer model, and have revamped their technology. With the Bigfoot trail camera, you will be able to send motion triggered and time lapse pictures right to your email. With its easy camera setup, you will be able to mount your trail camera and have everything ready to go in just 15 minutes. Included with your purchase is a pre-installed SimHero data card that has enough data for 30 days, or 350 pictures. There are different data plans that range as low as $6.99/month, or $39.99/year.

One of the great things about this trail camera is that your purchase also includes several accessories. Some of these include: A pre-installed sim card which you can use right out of the box, a 16GB SD card, a USB cable, a 3g antenna, and a handy mounting strap. Once you purchase the Bigfoot trail camera, some adjustable settings available are: Day time color picture to 5megapixels, 8megapixels, and all the way up to an impressive 12megapixels. The trigger speed features a lightning fast reaction of 0.4 seconds, and an LED night vision capacity of 65 feet/20 meters. Operating temperatures can be as low as -20, and up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.


An easy setup of 15mins or less No queue for pictures (images may not be sent if there is poor to no signal)
Affordable price compared to other brands Wide FOV could make objects appear farther away
Durable and resistant to subfreezing temperatures The app lacks some features, like remote camera adjustments
SIM card already included – simple setup


Bigfoot Camera Footage:

Bigfoot Camera Footage




#3 – CreativeXP 3G Cellular Trail Camera

Image Features Rating Pricing
Network(s): AT&T
Footage: Images & Video
Quality: 1080p - 12mp
Batteries Needed: 8 AA/Solar Panel
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As a family owned company based in New York, CreativeXP has been praised to be a US based product development company that focuses on premium performance for each of their products. Their cellular wireless trail camera is a convenient multipurpose device that will allow you to keep track of hunting game, wildlife monitoring, home security, and even farm surveillance.

Unlike other brands, it features a wide 110 degree PIR angle for its lens; compared to the normal 90 degree angle lens out there. With a fast trigger speed of 0.4 seconds, it has the capacity of taking 1-5 photos per trigger. Another great feature is the excellent night vision capacity it has. With a total of 56 IR LEDs, you will be able to capture and record crystal clear videos in 1080p, and 12 mega pixel photos whether its day or night. Their data plans are also cheap and easy to setup. With the free SimHero card included in your purchase, you simply activate it, purchase the data plan, and have it running with any US phone or email. They offer one of the cheapest data plans at just $8/month for over 1,500 photos.


1080p video footage and 12mp photo quality Night footage can be grainy
A wide angle lens Slow motion detection
Full warranty & US based tech support Camera setup can be a bit tricky
Can be used with batteries or solar panel
Tree mount included


CreativeXP Camera Footage:

CreativeXP Camera Footage




#4 – Snyper Commander 4GLTE Trail Camera

Image Features Rating Pricing
Network(s): Multiple
Footage: Images & Video
Quality: 1080p - 12mp
Batteries Needed: 10 AA
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The Snyper Commander gets a spot on our top 5 list, thanks to additional features that are not typically seen in other models. This trail hunting camera gives you the ability to track the location of your camera through GPS capabilities. Ever worried what would happen if someone stole your camera? Well now you can know the location of your device with the help of its GPS locator app. Another cool feature is the Intelligent Alerts mode. You can add filters for specific animals (deer, turkey, pig, bobcat, coyote, bear, racoon) and get alerts to your phone for those selected animals.

Other nice features worth noting are the 56 blacked out LEDs with 0.4 sec trigger speed. Having blacked out LEDs means that you will get quality nighttime images, and no annoying camera flashes that may scare away wildlife. You can also easily program time lapse modes to capture great images, and up to 5 multi shots. This trail camera also features full HD video capabilities to go along your standard pictures.

The Snyper Commander functions with a 4GLTE network. All pictures taken by your trail camera will be quickly sent to any network phone via the Snyper App.


GPS camera tracking abilities Poor customer service
4GLTE Network Camera lens can become foggy
Intelligent alert filters Poor motion sensitivity
Up to 5 multi-shot images
Solar panel option available (separately)


Snyper Commander Camera Footage:

Snyper Commander Camera Footage




#5 – Moultrie Mobile X Trail Camera

Image Features Rating Pricing
Network(s): Verizon
Footage: Images & Video
Quality: 1080p - 20mp
Batteries Needed: 12 AA
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Last on our list is the Moultrie Mobile X. Just like the Snyper model, it operates on a 4G cellular network and includes advanced features such as 20 megapixel images, an invisible flash, and an 80ft motion detection range. This model mainly stands out due to its several app settings and filters that can be easily adjusted. In the mobile app you will find a wide range of filters you can use to sort through your images based on date, time, barometric pressure, moon phases, temperature ranges and much more. The Illumni-Night 2 sensor ensures you always get the bright and clear images every time. This trail camera can also record video in full 1080p HD quality.

Monthly data plans start at just $4.99/month, with no contracts or additional cancelation/activation fees. You can choose to purchase either the Verizon or AT&T version, depending on which network you prefer going with (check which network covers your area best). Once purchased, your camera is also entitled to a 2-year warranty in case any issues arise.


20 megapixel image quality Poor performance in cold temperatures
Illumni-Night 2 sensor for nighttime Nighttime images only good in close ranges
80ft motion detection range
Robust app with several filters
Simple & easy user interface


Moultrie Mobile X Camera Footage:

Moultrie Mobile X Camera Footage